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Commercial Foundation Repair in New Orleans LA

A sinking commercial building foundation can cause your company’s profits to sink as well. If the structure of your building is cracked and crooked, the damage grows worse the longer it’s left in disrepair. Keep your revenue flowing in the right direction by working with our foundation repair company. We use an advanced and patented system that ensures a steady and sure foundation for your business. For complete commercial foundation repair services, our crews are knowledgeable, experienced, and highly skilled. You can always count on our friendly foundation contractors to provide you with superior foundation services and excellent customer care.

Using our patented Cable Lock system invented by our owner David Knight, we offer remedial repair for existing commercial structures. Our repair work provides an affordable, innovative, and reliable solution for all foundation problems. Whether you need slab foundation repair or commercial foundation leveling, we have the tools, experience, and resources to provide exceptional foundation services on every job we take on.

Innovative Commercial Slab Foundation Repair

For more than two decades, we have used our patented system to repair foundations for business owners in the area. Our crews are completely committed to delivering quality services, reliable results, and 100% customer satisfaction. When you choose our company for slab foundation repair, you know you'll receive the best technology available. Our system was developed through a combination of years of research and proven experience in the industry, which means it’s proven and trusted. We also guarantee our work with a lifetime transferable warranty, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with future foundation problems.

Repaired Building in New Orleans LA

Experienced Foundation Repair Company 

David Knight invented the Cable Lock system that levels your commercial foundation and secures it in place. Paul Knight, his brother, perfected its use in extreme soil conditions.

Don't settle for sinking sand and slipping terrain. Instead, trust our patent commercial foundation repair system to set things straight. Protect your commercial building, your profits, and your business occupants. No business owner wants to have to deal with foundation problems. Even a small disruption of your company’s operation can lead to a decrease in profits. Trust our experienced team to provide reliable and safe work, as well as innovative solutions to your foundation problems. From site preparation and piling installation to raising and stabilizing your structure, we deliver a proven process with a lifetime warranty.

Courteous and Reliable Foundation Experts

Our team makes the process quick, clean, and safe. In addition, you can always expect courteous service provided by experienced and fully supervised crews. We are dedicated to ensuring the job is performed correctly the first time. Innovative technology, years of experience, a proven process, and our lifetime warranty are what make us industry leaders.We know that your time is extremely valuable, and we’ll never waste it by showing up late or performing shoddy work. Our foundation experts hold to the highest standards of quality on every job. Expect us to pay close attention to the details on every job while working effectively to repair your foundation, so you can get your business back on track. 

Signs You May Be in Need of Our Slab Foundation Repair Services 

Foundation issues are already difficult to deal with. Left unattended, however, even the most seemingly minor foundation problems can quickly develop into major difficulties for your commercial building. These issues can begin to compromise the structural integrity of your entire building, leading to cracks in your walls and many other problems. There are several warning signs indicating that you may be in need of a complete slab foundation repair.

Perhaps the clearest sign that you need to have your foundation repaired is visible damage to the actual foundation. If your foundation has fractures or cracks, that’s a sure sign that significant damage has occurred. These cracks may be horizontal, diagonal, or vertical and could be visible along the visible exterior surfaces of your foundation. Along with cracks, there may be large ruptures or gaps. The foundation may have visibly sagged or buckled, or your foundation’s concrete surface may be flaking off. A common visible issue with your foundation is moisture, including mold, mildew, stains, and pooling water.

An exterior sign that strongly indicates that your foundation has suffered serious damage is excess water around the base of your building. If the soil immediately surrounding your commercial building appears to be excessively wet on a dry day, that’s a sign that a leak has occurred, leading to foundation failure. Leaving a leak unrepaired will inevitably lead to extreme foundation damage. If your exterior walls are cracked, crumbling, or buckling, your foundation may be compromised. A fractured wall can be extremely costly to repair, especially when the separation is extensive. Our skilled foundation specialists can identify these issues early on, before they end up costing you an arm and a leg.

When searching for signs of a foundation issue in your building’s interior, be on the lookout for the following problems. Sagging floors are a strong indication that something is wrong with your foundation. Similarly, warped ceilings and gaps where the wall meets the ceilings could also be the result of a foundation shift. If you notice any of these problems in your commercial building, please get in touch with our foundation experts immediately. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can provide you with efficient and effective repair services.

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