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Foundation Shoring and Leveling in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and all of Southeastern Louisiana

First, a quick note: we use the term "foundationg shoring" interchangeably with "foundation repair," and "foundation leveling" because foundation shoring is usually part of the foundation leveling and repair process.

We're going to level with you. You can't afford to use inexperienced contractors when you need home foundation leveling. For nearly two decades, Cable Lock Foundation Repair & Shoring has been a leader in the foundation repair and shoring industry. In fact, we have developed our own patented system that is currently being used by companies in more than 21 states across the nation. Don't settle for anything less than the best if your home has foundation problems.

Since Hurricane Katrina, unscrupulous contractors have come to the area hoping to make a quick buck. Some have no experience and absolutely no local history! Unlike them, our foundation contractors have been here much longer than Katrina, and we offer the best system and a guaranteed lifetime warranty on foundation leveling, repair and shoring services.

The Process of Residential Foundation Shoring and Leveling

Step 1: Work Site Preparation
After relocating plants from the work area, we create access holes by hand. For the safety of you, your family, and guests, we place heavy plywood covers over each hole as we complete this phase of the job. Unless the job calls for interior pilings, we do not need to access to the inside of your home.

Step 2: Driving the Pilings
During the next phase of the home foundation leveling process, we require access to the inside of your home to use electrical outlets. After we are plugged in and ready to go, the cable-anchors or spiral lock starter segments are pressed into the ground at the designated location. Piling segments or cable lock spiral cylinders that have cables through the centers are driven to the required depth and resistance.

We then position a pile head on top of the last segment, and the cable is locked into place. Our team places concrete blocks on top of the piling cap directly under the bottom of the foundation.

Step 3: Final Stage of Home Foundation Leveling
Finally, we slowly raise the slab, which stabilizes the home. One of our experienced Cable Lock technicians directs the stabilization while trained personnel carefully monitor the reactions of the structure. Once finished, we insert steel spacers on concrete blocks to support your home.

Site Preparation in New Orleans LADriving the Pilings in New Orleans LAFinal Stage in New Orleans LA

We then fill the top portions of the holes with soil, and we replace any surface concrete breakthroughs. Finally, to complete the residential foundation leveling and shoring project, we replace plants and clean all work areas, walkways, and driveways.

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